Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Super Heroe Caricatures

SO!!! A couple weeks ago one of my best buddies, Joey O'neil (check out her music. OR let her live at your parents house when you know they are going to be in the Carrebean on a swingers cruise. Or whichever. Both. I don't know, JUST GET ON IT!), asked me to help her and her class mates in the Independant Music Production program at Seneca with creating art for their final project; a professionally produced album to which each student must contribute a song. The theme of the album art had something to do with comic books or superheroes (i'm not really sure as I haven't seen the final product). Anyways I did caricatures of some of the kids and here are the Images:

I also organized a bunch of my friends from the animation arts center to help complete the project, here are links to their blogs. THEY ARE ALL AWESOME ARTISTS WITH THE EXCEPTION OF CHEWY! follow them. except chewy. dont waste your time.

Steph Braithwaite
Sam Braithwaite
Chewy Barz
Adam Padam

Elena Puhblublah
Tiros Young

(actually I could only figure out 4 of their blogs, so just follow Adam and the Twins' okay Mom? Alright thanks for being my only reader. Bye.)


  1. I like the last one the best. i dont know what's coming out of his nose but the pose is very dynamic. u might want to pull away some limbs from the body for an even more dynamic pose. so yah, don't tell me to go die on my blog. i'll kill you. come back to work.

  2. funky designs kid, i like the 2nd last one the best, its more clear than some of the other ones, and yeah those tiny monkeys are hot as balls. keeep it up